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Belton, TX

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Belton, TX

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Education for life. Experience for a lifetime.

We are shaped by experience: What makes you the person you are?
Your background, your talents, and your faith commitments are vital parts of your identity. But what will make you into the person you want to be? That person will be shaped by experience. Experience gives life to your gifts and talents—maybe gifts and talents you don’t yet know you have. Experience expands your faith commitments beyond the realm of personal, inward belief into the world where you live out those commitments. With experience, ideas and ideals find real-world relevance. At the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, we offer students more than an education. We offer the experience of a lifetime.

Instilling a lifetime of learning 
At the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, we value the classroom experience. In fact, we value it too highly to leave to graduate students or teaching assistants. Our professors are experienced both in their fields of expertise and in the classroom.  A small student-faculty ratio—17:1 to be exact—means students are working closely with their professors. UMHB professors make themselves available to their students, bringing a vast understanding of the subjects they teach and a wealth of experience to the classroom and to their students’ lives. The result? An academic experience that prepares students to experience life to the fullest.

Hands-on learning
At UMHB, practical, hands-on learning is a key element of education. A large portion of our professors are practitioners in their fields with a practical as well as theoretical understanding of their work. As for the students’ practical experience, every major at UMHB requires an internship or practicum of some kind. 

Make these four years count
You’re not waiting for your life to start. It’s already started. Joining the Cru is about doing life alongside the kind of people you want to spend the rest of your life around. Students treasure their years at UMHB, reveling in a long-standing culture of fun, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual growth. From dorm life to on- and off-campus ministries, from over 50 student clubs and organizations to a full calendar of athletic events, life beyond the classroom is full and rich at UMHB. Your time here will go a long way toward shaping you into the person you’ll be for the rest of your life. Don’t just do life—do life to the fullest!

Own what you believe
At UMHB, our faith commitments are a key part of our identity as a school. We work hard to create an environment in which our students can grow spiritually. Weekly chapel, regular on-campus worship, and campus ministries such as Baptist Student Ministries, Catholic Student Organization, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes help shape student life. But spiritual life at UMHB isn’t all about nurture. It’s also about ownership. Your spiritual life is just that—your spiritual life. UMHB students are spiritual leaders, not just followers. Mission trips, community outreach, an annual student-led revival—our students are the Gospel’s hands and feet. They are owning their faith.

You want tradition? Before Texas was a state, we were a school.
Founded when Texas was still a republic, UMHB is the oldest continually operating university in the state. It should come as no surprise, then, that our campus is rich with traditions. Like knights of old, first-year students are “dubbed” with a real sword—Crusaders for life. For over a century, UMHB students have shown their talents at “Stunt Night.” Every spring for over 75 years, UMHB has welcomed the community to campus for a student-led Easter Pageant—and it has never been rained out once! Homecoming has brought alumni and students together since 1909. Charter Day, Midnight March, and the Robing Ceremony connect today’s UMHB students with generations of their predecessors. When you’re in the Cru, you’re part of a history reaching back all the way to 1845.

We play like champions—every sport, every day
Our goal as a university is pretty straightforward: We want to be the best at everything we do. Nowhere is this more evident than in our sports programs. Our stadium and athletic facilities are like nothing else you’ll see in Division III athletics. Every team we field is competing for a conference championship and frequently a Division III national championship. That kind of excellence in athletics makes for tremendous school spirit. Our students love cheering on their student-athletes—and our student-athletes love being part of “the Cru” with such supportive classmates. From NCAA competition to intramurals, athletics are a key part of UMHB life.

Your campus = your home
In the last decade, we have added incredible new facilities for our students, from state-of-the-art student housing and a three-story student union building that forms the visitor’s side of the new on-campus football stadium to a new visual arts center, a stellar performing arts center, and a nursing education center with a simulated hospital. And we’re not through. Plans are already on the drawing board to expand opportunities for our academic programs and our students. We know our campus will be your home while you’re here, so we’re committed to making it a great place to live and learn.

And what about your future? 
You might like to know that employers want to hire UMHB graduates, because UMHB graduates have the skills and character they need to succeed. They know how to relate to others. They have problem-solving and communication skills, the habits of continuous learning, and, perhaps most importantly, the habit of putting all of life in the context of what matters most. These are the lifelong fruits of an education for experience of a lifetime.

Bringing value to the UMHB experience
Our admission counselors are ready and eager to walk you through the process of applying and enrolling at UMHB. And don’t assume you can’t afford a private university—not until you have talked to our financial aid counselors. There is a lot of financial aid out there, and we offer a number of scholarships to incoming freshmen and transfer students. In addition to merit-based academic scholarships, we also offer departmental scholarships, church-related scholarships, and leadership- and activity-related scholarships. Our financial aid office is full of people who spend every working day helping students like you find the aid that’s coming to them. Visit to get started.

Experience UMHB for yourself
Find out more. Schedule a campus visit. Fill out an application. Visit or call 254-295-4520.

Steps to Apply

• Complete and submit your application for admission.
• Submit a non-refundable $35 application fee.
• Submit an official transcript from each high school attended.
• Submit your scores from the SAT or ACT (optional)

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “At UMHB, your story matters. People here are interested in each student’s story and dreams.”

    • James
      Dallas, Texas
  • “UMHB faculty and advisors have a wealth of knowledge from real-world job experiences, including NASA and the Texas Rangers.”

    • Nicholas
      Kingwood, Texas
  • “UMHB is the best decision I ever made. I couldn’t be involved in so many things at a bigger school. There are so many leadership opportunities here.”

    • Erin
      The Woodlands, Texas
  • “At UMHB, spiritual life opportunities are infused in everything we do—from the classroom to chapel to campus ministries to athletics.”

    • Katelyn
      Conroe, Texas
  • “There’s a real sense here of honoring the past and the history of the University but looking forward to a bright future.”

    • Carl
      Graham, Texas
  • “Your degree might get you that first job. But after you get the job, you have to compete. UMHB prepares students to compete.”

    • Larry Locke
      McLane College of Business