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The 12-Month Timeline for Applying to Graduate School: 9 to 7 Months Out

Author, Enrollment Expert

Nine months can fly by (ask any expectant parents!). Grad school will be here before you know it. Here's what you should be doing now! read more

Creative Ways to Pay for College


When it comes to financial aid, you've heard it all before: government loans, scholarships, grants, etc. But what happens when you tap all these resources and you still come up short? It's time to get creative. read more

International College Application Do's and Don'ts

Director of Admission, Loyola New Orleans University

Don't forget to check out these reminders for your college application! read more

The Transfer Timeline


Planning to transfer to a four-year college or university? This timeline will help you keep track of what you need to do--and when you need to do it! read more

Figuring Out Financial Aid as a Transfer Student


Applying for financial aid as a transfer student is easy, because you've already been through the process . . . right? Well, not exactly. While that previous experience may be helpful, transfer students encounter a few unique financial aid issues. read more

Applying to Graduate School


If you're planning on applying to grad school, you're probably wondering what the basic steps are and what your timeline should be. The single best piece of advice in this process is...do everything early! read more

Questions to Ask When Transferring


If you're thinking about transferring, there are probably a million questions running through your head. read more