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How to Figure Out What You Want to Do After High School

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Still trying to figure out what it is you want to be "when you grow up"? Check out this guide to help you get on the right track to your dreams. read more

How to Help Your Students Explore Majors and Careers


For students trekking through the college admission process, getting accepted is only the first of many steps they'll take toward achieving their goals in life. Choosing a major and career path to pursue is equally important and can seem overwhelming to a teenager whose most pressing decisions thus far have been what movie to see or who to take to prom. read more

What does genetics entail?


Today, the role of genetics in medicine, basic research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, forensics, agriculture, and animal biology is growing by leaps and bounds. read more

College Admission More Complex than Ever

Educational Consultant, Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling

Educational consultant Janet Loren explores the changing face of college admissions and what it means for students, parents, and college counselors. read more