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3 Tips to Maintain Healthy Family Relationships in College

Navigating your life at college and relationships at home can be tough. Here are three key ways to maintain a healthy balance between your life and family ties.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of New Mexico

7 Ways to Ease Homesickness in College

It's pretty easy to get homesick in college, especially if you opted to study a little farther from home. But there are some simple ways to ease that feeling.

Student, University of Central Florida

How to Overcome Homesickness at College

Feeling homesick on campus? Here are some ways to combat the feeling and turn it in your favor.

Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Coping With an Empty Nest: 5 Tips for New College Parents

Sending your student off to college can be a hard and emotional moment. From one parent to another, here are five tips for coping with a newly empty nest.

Parent College Coach

Staying Connected to Your Home Country and Family

Each year tens of thousands of international students travel to the United States to attend a college or university. The experience is often exciting, but at other times can be daunting, so staying connected with friends and family is essential to the well-being of an international student.

International Student Advisor, Slippery Rock University