Dan McKeever

Dan McKeever

Dan McKeever, Porter Sargent Handbooks’ veteran senior editor, has worked with a lifetime of details during a tenure that has lasted nearly a quarter of a century. Over the years, he has witnessed quite a few changes in the world of summer programs through his work on the Guide to Summer Programs (which was first published as the Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools way back in 1924). Many of today’s cool summer programs didn’t exist back when Dan was growing up, so he filled his summers with retail jobs and fun along Boston’s South Shore. Away from the office, Dan is a big fan of hockey, independent films, good chocolate (the darker the better), and album rock (the more obscure the better). 


Summer Is the Perfect Time to Horse Around

You know springtime is here at last when the Kentucky Derby comes around each May. Whether you care about horseracing or not, there's nothing like the pomp and circumstance of the Derby. If you already have a love of horses--or if you're just intrigued by them and want to learn how to ride--rest assured that summer programs focusing on recreational riding and equestrianism abound.read more

Baseball Camp: The All-American Summer

Maybe you play for your high school team, a team in your hometown, or both. That may be enough baseball for you, but players who really want to take their game to the next level should take heart: top-notch instruction is available at summer camps across the nation.read more

Summer Break Can Be a Springboard to Your Future

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Private School and Your Child's Future

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Resolve To Do Some Good This Summer

'Tis the season for New Year's resolutions! Why not resolve to do something good? Spend part of next summer engaged in a community service summer program!read more

Let Language Study Take You to a New World

When you think about exotic places, you may also be intrigued by different cultures and languages. Summer programs offer all kinds of opportunities for travel and exploration. read more

There's No Debate: Public Speaking Leads to Political Success

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Studying Science and Making a Difference

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Special Needs Summer Camps

Increasingly, specialized recreational camps offer fun summer programs and activities to various special-needs populations. read more