Dr. David Byers

Dr. David Byers has been a teacher and a leader in a variety of settings for his entire professional career—over 30 years. He has taught at all levels of education, from preschool to grad school. His doctorate degree was in education with a specialization in teaching and Learning. The subject of his dissertation was homeschooling; the dissertation led to his first book, College-Prep Homeschooling, co-authored with his wife.
Dr. Byers is a full-time professor as well as the Program Director for the undergraduate adult education degree program and the undergraduate business degree program at a private university in Nebraska.
He also runs his own business, through which he develops and teaches courses in English, social science, and natural science for homeschooled youth in grades 7-12. He has students in numerous states in the United States, as well as students in multiple countries throughout the world. Dr. Byers and his wife have been homeschooling their own children for almost 25 years.

Dr. Byers grew up in Denver and moved to Omaha with his family in 1996 to work as family teachers at the internationally known Boys Town. When he has any spare time, he enjoy spending time with his family; reading; watching movies, the History channel, and old television shows on DVD; listening to music; and engaging in amateur photography and gardening—as well as just trying to enjoy life. But his favorite thing to do is to teach!
Dr. Byers' educational philosophy: learning should not end simply because one completes a course or earns a degree. Instead, one should have an unquenchable desire to learn throughout life for the continuous purposes of individual development and the betterment of society. As an educator, his goal is to instill and fuel this desire within every person with whom he interacts through consistent examples of personal integrity, professional service, and a lifelong pursuit to perfect one's skills.


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