Jasmine Williams

Jasmine Williams

Jasmine Williams is the Christian Colleges and Universities blogger. Originally from southern Virginia, she moved to Boston to study business administration at Northeastern University. Always up for adventure, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, outdoor picnics, and anything that lets her immerse in the beauty of nature and God’s creations. When taking it easy, Jasmine is a fan of reading a good book or simply relaxing to soothing music. While at Northeastern, Jasmine was able to make connections with high school seniors during their journeys of finding the right college. Becoming an orientation leader and a resident assistant shortly after her freshman year, she was able to see the joys and challenges of entering college from not only her own perspective, but from the perspective of hundreds of incoming students as well. Jasmine pushes herself to keep an open yet grounded mindset; she understands the importance of living for God while being loving and welcoming to people of other beliefs and backgrounds.

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