Jon Frank

Jon Frank

Jon Frank cofounded Admissionado in 2007 with one goal in mind: to inspire the next generation of students to “go to the best schools they can get into.” Under Jon’s leadership, Admissionado grew from a two-man operation to a global company of over 80 employees who have worked on well over 25,000 college and graduate school applications. Each year, Admissionado helps send hundreds of students to schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Brown, and others. 

Jon was drawn to the process of “building stuff,” long before building Admissionado from scratch. After graduating from Brown University in 1999 with honors, he began his career in real estate, leading the purchase and development of over 2,000 units of new construction across the United States. After graduating from Harvard Business School with his MBA, Jon began to focus on building things that mattered more to him in the education world.

Today Jon lives in Chicago. In his spare time, he can be found jet-setting around the world to give speeches (in Asia, especially), indulging in Chicago’s rich selection of ethnic restaurants, or keeping up with politics alongside his trusty cat, Buster Douglas.


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