Matt Larriva

Matt Larriva is an expert in test prep, test-taking, and the pre-college process. In addition to publishing three books on test prep, Matt founded and runs Powerful Prep, a leading concierge tutoring firm dedicated to transparency, massive point gains, and customized curriculum. Powerful Prep hires only Ivy League grads, offers industry-leading point gains, and has the highest reviews of any college program in Southern California.

Matt was named an “elite super tutor” by the BBC, and his opinions have been featured in the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal. He works with students locally and globally who are seeking the best in test prep. Matt has passed two of Degree Library's "10 Hardest Exams in the World": the Mensa admission exam and the CFA exam—the test the Wall Street Journal called the "world's hardest test." He completed his undergraduate degree at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has a master’s in Applied Statistics from UCLA. Matt enjoys skydiving and has played oboe at Carnegie Hall twice.