John Paul the Great Catholic University is an authentically Catholic university in Southern California with a radically new model of education. We combine a Catholic theology, philosophy, and humanities curricula with professionally focused degrees in Media and Business.


Student Life 
College is an important time of intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth and maturation. Choose to grow in an environment that supports your faith around peers who share your love of Jesus Christ. Step onto our campus and you’ll find a community steeped in faith, creativity, and fun. Discover a warm, tight-knit, and welcoming environment, a place where you can build lifelong friendships and collaborations. A diversity of clubs and sports on campus give you opportunities to share your interests and build friendships. San Diego provides more than just beautiful surfing and outdoor recreation spots—enjoy local film festivals, business pitch competitions, film finance seminars, and networking events.

Above all, our Catholicism forms the core of our day-to-day lives. Classes are structured around daily Mass, and Confession is offered on campus frequently. A Blessed Sacrament chapel is located within our facilities, providing opportunities for prayer and reflection. Eucharistic Adoration and other worship opportunities are also offered. The Rosary is prayed nightly in the chapel at the student townhomes.

Within the Communications Media degree, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your natural creativity through our programs in Film and TV Production, Acting for the Stage and Screen, Video Game Development, 3-D Animation, Journalism, and Screenwriting. All programs are taught by industry veterans who form you for the 21st century through one-on-one mentorship, and our Los Angeles quarter gives you the opportunity to gain experience through an immersive internship. Your craft as a visual storyteller is also deepened through an encounter with Scripture, theology, and the great works of Western literature, art, and music in our General Education program. Our degree teaches you the skills to thrive in the mainstream industry, but to do so with a sense of your higher calling and purpose. 

Creativity is also at the heart of our Business degree, where our students question the status quo in order to craft novel and innovative business ideas. The program covers all aspects of business, from marketing and sales to finance, accounting, economics, strategy, and more. What makes our program different, however, is the opportunity to learn business by actually trying to build a company in our Launchpad sequence. Business comes alive in the process of building a real venture, and you’ll take ownership over business concepts in a much deeper way than if you were just reading textbooks and taking tests. In addition to the creative entrepreneurship at the heart of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a specialized area of expertise through our concentrations in Creative Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales, and Leadership and Management. Lastly, our students grapple with the higher calling of business to serve our culture and the common good. You will be encouraged to analyze your social impact as a business leader through the lens of Catholic social teaching.

The Humanities degree, on the other hand, offers a deep study of culture and intellectual history through the great works of Western literature. Through a study of theology, philosophy, literature, art, and music, you will connect with our past in order to understand the present and grasp the roots of contemporary culture. The degree offers the ability to specialize in specific areas such as Theology and Creative Writing. In all of these areas of emphasis, you’ll bring the specialized subject matter into dialogue with the great thinkers of the Western tradition. Whether it’s studying philosophy or learning how to craft a novel, your thinking will be deepened and sharpened by the best that has been thought and written throughout Western civilization.

Student housing
JPCatholic students live in spacious three-story townhomes and apartments in the heart of historic downtown Escondido, California. The townhomes come fully furnished with beds, desks, couches, a dinner table, chairs, and washer and dryer, as well as all the basic kitchenware. It’s not your parents’ dorm room experience! The townhomes and apartments are a short eight–10-minute walk from JPCatholic’s classrooms, labs, and production facilities. Downtown features access to award-winning restaurants, bistros, coffee and gelato shops, and an abundance of mom-and-pop stores that exude personality. Escondido is home to a thriving arts community: right next door is an IMAX movie theater, the California Center for the Arts Escondido is across the street, and the Patio Playhouse community theater is only a few blocks away. You can take the local train to the beach or connect to routes to Los Angeles for networking events and internships.