Moody Bible Institute

Chicago, IL

Moody Bible Institute

Chicago, IL

Come and let God transform you.

Moody Bible Institute prepares you to transform the world for Christ. You’ll gain insight of the Bible and theology while sharpening your practical skills, and you’ll receive ministry and career experience to broaden your opportunities after graduation. Earn your degree on our Chicago campus and get experience doing what you learn about in the classroom. Study at the Spokane Aviation campus to become a world-class mechanic or aviator. Join the world’s most influential Bible college and become a part of generations of innovators and ministry leaders! 

Why Moody Bible Institute?
Academics:  Your education at Moody begins with the Word, no matter your major. Whether you’re in the classroom or online, you’ll be able to choose from more than 20 areas of study and gain a foundational knowledge of the Bible and theology. You’ll understand the methodology and gain skills to thoughtfully analyze, interpret, and apply Scripture wherever God calls you. 

Student life: We have more than 40 student organizations, each with a specific focus, giving you the opportunity to lead, learn, and serve. From leadership and cross-cultural learning to media and personal wellness, our student organizations will help you discover your talents and broaden your knowledge of the world. And if you love sports, you’ll become part of a family of national champions! Our NCCAA, intramural, and club sports teams create an engaging and vibrant campus community.

Spiritual enrichment: At Moody, you will be inspired to grow spiritually and encouraged to practice ministry in every aspect of your life. You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to ministry experiences, internships, conferences, and mission trips. We also hold chapel services three times a week so all our students can foster a close-knit campus community and feel supported in their spiritual growth. Each chapel is led by Moody faculty, our president, and renowned Christian speakers.

Tuition grant: Want to go to college without breaking the bank? All students at the Chicago campus receive a full-tuition scholarship sponsored by Moody donors.

Come and let God transform you. Leave and let God transform the world through you. 


In 2021, Moody's Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership, Children and Family concentration, was ranked #1 Best Online Bachelor's Degree in Youth Ministry by

BA in Missional Leadership - Nonprofit Management

Learn to start, develop, and lead a christian nonprofit organization
This new program will equip you to develop and lead nonprofit organizations. You will receive a comprehensive overview of the history, purpose, and theories of the nonprofit sector, while learning principles of ethical management. Get training for nonprofit fundraising and financial management, and gain insights about entrepreneurship and pressing social issues. Learn all this and more through the filter of God’s mission in the world at the local, national, and global level.

This program also includes a field internship where you will apply what you’ve been taught in class while obtaining valuable, real-world experience. We’ve designed this program to effectively prepare you for ministry in the nonprofit sector.

See Your Courses

Your missional leadership studies
As you study, you will:
• Acquire expertise regarding nonprofit business functions and dynamics in the United States.
• Develop skills to lead effective teams, recruit and manage diverse employees, and communicate key organizational information.
• Learn to manage the finances of nonprofit organizations, including fundraising and grant writing.
• Understand how to use market-focused, innovative approaches to address pressing social and environmental concerns.
• Gain knowledge to engage matters related to race and poverty through a Christian worldview.
• Cultivate skills to disciple your employees, volunteers, and people in your community.

Jobs you can get with a missional leadership degree
When you graduate with a BA in Missional Leadership—Nonprofit Management, you’ll have the practical skills necessary for a wide variety of jobs such as:
• Director of a nonprofit organization
• Nonprofit development executive
• Community organizer
• Community development worker
• Director/Pastor of Community Outreach in a local church or ministry
• Urban Missionary worker
• Missionary business manager

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “At Moody, you’ll find community in your Bro-Sis [residential program], at your on-campus job, in your major, or on your floor. The people at Moody are so invested in ministry and in you. They’ll be your lifelong friends.”

    • Yangla ’20
      Elementary Education
  • “The professors want to talk about your skills and abilities and show you what kind of ministry is best for you, even if it’s not youth ministry at a local church. My professors were my favorite part of the program.”

    • Tim ’17
      Youth Ministry
  • “I love my Practical Christian Ministry and the children, community, and families I get to serve. My mentors have been incredible in my life. They pair my training with my Moody education to help me grow.”

    • Emily ’21
      Ministry to Women