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University of South Carolina — Columbia

Columbia, SC

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Experience South Carolina

There's no boundary to all you can accomplish here. From campus classrooms to study abroad experiences, you’ll grow in leaps and bounds at South Carolina.

Join an unrivaled campus setting built upon more than 200 years of history and tradition. Access leading-edge research and technology at a global leader in first-year education. Pursue an education inspired by the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers.

Learn nestled in the heart of Columbia, a thriving metropolis that’s just the right size. Move from classrooms into research labs, workspaces and experiential learning opportunities that explore what you’re learning in real time. When you’re not busy studying, enjoy our community’s thriving outdoor scene, city life, culture, and local events.

Living here
There’s no place like the University of South Carolina. Living within our thriving campus community will be one of the most remarkable aspects of your college experience.

Choose from on-campus living designed for today’s students. Whatever residence style you choose, the greater university world is just outside your doorstep. Take a beautiful walk to dining, our student fitness center, academic resources, and downtown districts. At home, enjoy residence-based amenities such as a makerspace, outdoor pool, gym, golf simulator, and so much more.

Dive into our campus housing world. Compare residence halls, get inspired by idea galleries, watch and listen to programs like The Spin, Tall Guy from IT, and livestreams that help you navigate events like campus move-in with ease. Check out #UofSCHome on social platforms to connect with our Housing team.

At South Carolina, academics embody diverse learning engagements. Through the university's My UofSC Experience, students can access a universe of experiential learning options that expand knowledge and cultivate professional and personal development. Here, you author your UofSC experience.

Shape your college education
Not only do you choose your major and decide how much time and energy you'll invest in your coursework, you also determine your depth of involvement and engagement on campus in degree-related activities.

Even in your earliest days on campus, UofSC students have access to purposeful activities that further learning and personal growth. Those who leverage learning engagements throughout their time on campus—both inside and outside the classroom—supplement academic gains in life-changing ways.

Study at South Carolina
More than 200 years of history meet cutting-edge academics at the University of South Carolina. What you’ll learn in the classroom is only the beginning of your college experience.

Choose from hundreds of degree options at one of the nation’s leading universities. Outside of the classroom, enjoy one of the most welcoming and student-focused university campuses. The nation’s best first-year experience. A Carnegie leader in research and community engagement. An inclusive environment. You can find the world here.

Students have access to a universe of academic programs and learning opportunities that expand knowledge while furthering professional and personal development. With each semester, further define your goals, explore alternate pathways and move closer to your academic ambitions. At South Carolina, you’ll have access to some of the nation’s—and world’s— best academics.

Flagship academics
South Carolina students have access to more than 300 majors including 60+ nationally ranked academic programs. We’re the state’s flagship university, a major center for global research and home to the nation’s best first-year experience at a public university.



#1 First-Year Student Experiences among Public Universities


Top 3% for African American graduates


Ranked #1 International Business Program for 23 consecutive years | U.S. News & World Report


#1 in the Nation for Online Master's in Nursing | U.S. News & World Report


#1 in Sport Science | Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments


Some college towns just shine brighter.

Columbia is nestled in the heart of South Carolina. The state's capital city, Columbia was founded in 1786. Not only is it home to the state's flagship university, it's the place to find the state's government, Fortune 500 companies, a thriving arts scene and more than 800,000 residents. 

Whether you come for a day or weekend, there's always something to enjoy. Plan your trip around one of the area's popular events and festivals or explore a host of things to do any time of year. Bunk over in the chic Hotel Trundle just off Main Street, cozy up in one of Campus Courtyard Lofts' studios, or stay on campus at the Graduate Columbia S.C. for a one-of-kind Gamecock experience. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, savor the Columbia food scene from slow-smoked barbecue joints to nationally lauded fine dining in every district of town. If your time allows, take a free tour of the South Carolina State House.

Nation's Leading First-Year Experience

As early as their first hours on campus, students can access programs and opportunities designed to help them reach greater levels of personal and academic success. That’s one reason U.S. News and World Report recognized South Carolina as the nation’s leader in first-year experience for students among public universities.

Learn with your interests and goals at heart
Every student comes to college with unique interests and personal circumstances. One commonality they all share? Being involved on campus, beyond simply attending class, is a great indicator of future success.

Creating a positive, purposeful student life happens in many ways:
• Attend events around campus to make new connections
• Invest in your future career by exploring major options
• Join a student group or sports team, or volunteer for service projects
• Be a responsible citizen and follow the Carolinian Creed
• Develop and exercise career-enhancing leadership skills
• Gain perspective through study abroad, research or internships
• Weave experiential insights into your studies.

As you gain new skills and layers of knowledge, move with confidence into businesses, labs, organizations, clinical settings and even other countries. What begins in our classrooms is just the foundation of all you’ll accomplish beyond them.

Explore the different kinds of experiential learning that’s available throughout the University of South Carolina.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “On admitted students' day, I took a tour of Green Quad and I fell in love with how everything looked there.”

    • Darren Burton
      Darla Moore School of Business and South Carolina Honors College
  • “At first, I was really intimidated working alongside senior nursing and pharmacy students, the USC medical group and international providers. But I'm so glad I signed up. Getting that exposure so early with hands-on patient care definitely gave me practical experience. The experience pushed me to do well in my classes and get into the upper division.”

    • Shir'Mel McCullough
  • “I chose UofSC because when I stepped on campus, it instantly felt like home!”

    • Robert Cassels