Calvin University

Grand Rapids, MI

Calvin University

Grand Rapids, MI

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A bright future

Calvin is a school with a big mission: equipping students to be agents of renewal, ready to step into the public square and renew all things for the glory of Christ. We believe that every student has something to offer the world; every student has something that God is calling him or her to do. Calvin’s job is to partner with each student to discover what that is and then help them develop the skills they’ll need to gain that success. In order to achieve this, we’ve charted out a strategic plan with four goals: embody, grow, collaborate, and build.

We see vocation as more than a career
Yes, your Calvin education will prepare you for excellence in your career field—but our focus extends far beyond that. We don’t just equip you to find a job; we empower you to discover your calling. We don’t just hand you a textbook; we teach valuable life skills too, from paying rent to maintaining healthy relationships. We don’t just add you to a tally list of graduates; we train you to be a leader in your work, your church, and your community.



#4 among “Best Regional Universities in the Midwest” | U.S. News & World Report


#8 for “Best Undergraduate Teaching Among Regional Universities in the Midwest” | U.S. News & World Report


Best Colleges for Your Money | Money magazine


#9 in the nation for “Best Counseling Services” | The Princeton Review

When you study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at Calvin, you’ll embrace an intellectual and spiritual perspective that celebrates both God’s natural and scriptural revelations.

STEM programs include...
• Actuarial Science
• Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)
• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Biomedical Engineering
• Biotechnology
• Chemical Engineering Concentration
• Chemistry
• Civil & Environmental Engineering Concentration
• Computer Science (BS)
• Data Science
• Electrical & Computer Engineering Concentration
• Engineering - BSE
• Environmental Health and Conservation: Ecology and Management
• Environmental Health and Conservation: One Health
• Environmental Science: Natural Resources Track
• Environmental Science: Naturalist Track
• Environmental Studies Major
• Geographic Information Science Certificate
• Geography
• Geology Major (BA)
• International Designation
• Mathematics (BA)
• Mathematics (BS)
• Mechanical Engineering Concentration
• Neuroscience (Biology)
• Neuroscience (Chemistry)
• Optics
• Physics
• Psychology (BA)
• Psychology (BS)
• Psychology (Neuroscience Concentration)
• Psychology Minor
• Statistics
• Sustainability Designation

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “I graduated with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. My experiences at Calvin introduced me to so many fantastic people, and I’ve been immensely blessed due to our work together. I’m so glad I chose to attend Calvin, and I’m eager to see what God has planned for me around the corner.”

    • Alan Samdal
  • “I’m a Chemical Engineering and Chemistry double major, and I’ll be starting a PhD program in Chemical Engineering in the fall. I can’t thank my professors at Calvin enough for constantly believing in me and pushing me to be the best I can possibly be. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

    • Alisyn Greenfield
  • “My experience at Calvin challenged me to integrate faith and social justice into the classroom and my daily life. Calvin’s professors do a great job of preparing you for life outside of Calvin and [teach us that] no matter what we’re doing, we’re agents of renewal and working toward bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth in every aspect of our lives.”

    • Lauren Zuiderveen
  • “I’m currently working at a local Grand Rapids nonprofit in development and communications. I’m so grateful for my Calvin experience, especially in the Communication department, where I learned skills I’m now using every day in my job.”

    • Elyse Bax
  • “The classes I took and experiences I had at Calvin gave me a hunger to fight for justice in the world. I learned that the church isn’t defined by the walls we build for our chapels but rather by the barriers we tear down when we spread God's love.”

    • Kelsey Bruinwood