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Alfred, NY

Alfred University

Alfred, NY

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Science & Engineering Profile

See firsthand where discoveries are made

Alfred University's engineers imagine the future and make it happen. You will be a part of a university that is alive with ideas that become the inventions, solutions and breakthroughs to solve tomorrow's problems.

The basics and beyond

From circuits and engines to nanotechnology and photonics, engineering courses at Alfred University start with the fundamentals and go all the way to the cutting edge. The Inamori School of Engineering offers degrees in six major areas: Biomedical Materials Engineering Science, Ceramic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Glass Engineering Science, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

World-class research
Research at the Inamori School of Engineering draws the attention of engineering minds from around the world. Here, students and faculty work side-by-side to discover new phenomena, design new solutions and products and develop advanced manufacturing methods necessary to make a global impact.

Our on-campus research centers partner with state technology agencies and the National Science Foundation to answer the biggest STEM questions facing society. As a student here, you can play a role. Research Centers

Hands-on experience, day one
At Alfred, you don't have to wait until you're a grad student: Hands-on, practical training in the labs starts the day your classes start.

Research centers
Our on-campus research centers partner with state technology agencies and the National Science Foundation to answer the biggest STEM questions facing society. As a student here, you can play a role.



Ranked among the "Colleges with the Best Academics in America" and "Best Colleges for Art in America" | Niche, 2023


Ranked among the top colleges and universities for earning national recognition | Washington Monthly, 2022


AU scored on par with or better than many top schools for "value added" among 4,000 schools nationwide | Brookings, 2024


Ranked among the "Top Regional Universities in the North," "Top Performers on Social Mobility," and "Best Value Schools" | U.S. News & World Report, 2024


Recognized among The Best 389 Colleges | The Princeton Review, 2024


Alfred, New York: “Collegiest” Town in America!

In his “Department of Data” column for The Washington Post, Andrew Van Dam lists the “collegiest” towns in America, along with other data. The “collegiest” town in the country is Alfred, NY, “where students make up an astonishing 85% of the town’s population of 4,500 (depending, obviously, on huge seasonal fluctuations).

Our Campus

Alfred University sits on a beautifully unique campus that houses everything from an equestrian center to an actual castle. Nearly 400 acres of recreational land between the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains and the Finger Lakes. Neighboring cities with exceptional career and internship opportunities. And the quaint, historic Village of Alfred. As a Saxon, every day here can be as comforting or as outside-of-ordinary as you wish.

Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering First-Year Experience

The Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering First-Year Experience program is designed to help first year students transition smoothly into college from high school.

The School of Engineering at Alfred University prides itself on providing the best engineering education in all six of its major degree programs right from the start. Unlike most all other universities, Alfred University engineering programs immerse students into real engineering courses the first year, while encouraging personal accountability of students and emphasizing independence and time management skills as the key indicators to a successful college career in engineering.

Engineering 101, a four credit introductory course taught in the Fall, introduces students to core engineering problems identified as Engineering Grand Challenges by the National Academy of Engineering. The course is taught in a project-based learning environment with restricted class sizes, giving students an opportunity to learn in small groups and become acquainted with fellow classmates in their first semester of college.

First Year Seminar is a mandatory series of lectures offered both semesters in the first year. Lectures are varied and provide context to engineering students on all six engineering majors offered in the school.

All first-year students also have early exposure to Alfred University libraries, facilities, and support services. Additionally, each student is assigned to a small group of academic advisors with expertise in the student's declared field of study (ceramic, glass science, renewable, etc.).

An Inside Look