Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, OH

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, OH

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Think beyond the possible

At Case Western Reserve University, we think big.
But we don't just think, we do.
On campus and around the world, we explore and discover, engage and invent.
Most of all, we make a difference—especially when it appears impossible.

CWRU students are admitted to the University as a whole—rather than individual schools or majors—giving them the flexibility to study across the spectrum of academic programs in areas as diverse as Contemporary Dance and Physics or Political Science and Biomedical Engineering.

All undergraduates benefit from working with a navigator, a professional who stays with a student all four years to help them explore and access opportunities for personal and professional growth on and off campus.

Beginning as early as their first semester, more than 80% of CWRU students take part in research or creative endeavors in any major. Hard work is rewarded at CWRU—you could become a published author with research results reported in some of the country’s most prized academic journals even as an undergraduate.

CWRU students are active members of the campus community. They enjoy more than 200 undergraduate student organizations, including athletics, student government, performing arts, community service, religious and cultural groups, and more.

Case Western Reserve is the centerpiece of Cleveland’s University Circle—the most culturally robust community in the nation. The area is home to more than 50 prominent artistic, cultural, educational, health, and human service institutions. Partnerships with these neighbors—including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland Institute of Music, and Cleveland Institute of Art—offer students unparalleled access to invaluable educational resources.

Less than five miles away, downtown Cleveland is the headquarters of KeyBank, Eaton, and Sherwin-Williams as well as the location of celebrated and world-renowned health care institutions, an exciting culinary scene, four professional sports teams, and more. Students can easily access the city’s cultural and recreational attractions via public transportation, to which undergraduates are granted unlimited access.



Ranked #17 in the nation among private universities for federally funded research


Ranked #18 in the world for contributions to innovation | Nature magazine

The CWRU Difference

• 99% of our undergrads take part in experiential learning, including research, co-ops and internships

• 300+ undergraduate and graduate student organizations where you can pursue your passions, give back to your community, and make amazing new friends

• 50+ arts, cultural, medical, and academic institutions within 1 mile, making our campus a vibrant place to study, work and live

• 18th worldwide in innovation, according to Nature Index

• 90 countries represented among our student body

• 16 Nobel Laureates among our alumni and faculty

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to find a group of people and get close to so quickly. I’ve found a group of people that I fit in with who have similar values as me.”

    • Sam V.
  • “At Case Western Reserve, it’s not about being smart because you want to be smarter than everyone else; it’s more about being smart because you want to get to the level where you can work with all these other people.”

    • Jackson R.
  • “The culture at Case Western Reserve is very collaborative, and it’s somewhere you can really grow. The people you meet here and the school culture definitely help you as a student—and person—to grow and develop.”

    • Caroline J
  • “I wanted a school where I didn’t have to just focus on one thing. I wanted to look at different things and look at the way they intersected, so I loved the interdisciplinary nature of Case Western Reserve.”

    • Lauren P.