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CollegeXpress: A Resource Your Students Can Rely On

CollegeXpress is a premier resource for the college and scholarship search process that your students should be using now. Here are the top reasons why!

CollegeXpress is the place to send your students to start their college and scholarship search. We might be a little biased, but it’s only because we’re proud of what we do and the resources we provide to students, parents, and counselors! Since 1995 (when first launched), our highest priority has been connecting students with their best-fit schools and giving them useful and relatable advice to go off to college confident and ready to succeed. 

But it’s not just about what we offer students; our work is also rooted in what students give back to us. We feel warm fuzzies whenever someone says our website helped them through their college search. We're proud when we see the passion behind the blogs our student writers pen for us. We smile at each student vlog posted on our YouTube channel. Students are the foundation of CollegeXpress—so if your students aren’t already a part of our community, here’s why they should be. 

1. Thousands of colleges and universities to discover

College Search tool

What schools are your students looking for? Do they want to attend a four-year or a two-year college? Are they looking at public or private universities? Do they want a school well known for science and engineering? Or maybe they’re thinking about taking a gap year? Whatever their preferences are, CollegeXpress has what they’re looking for. (And if they don’t yet know what the future holds yet, we have a ton of advice on how to figure it out.)

Our College Search tool makes it easy for students to search for schools by their preferences, including major, location, size, and more. It’s highly customizable so they can explore and research the right colleges for them with intention. Our school profiles make connecting with and comparing colleges easy, so their final choice becomes more informed than ever. With CollegeXpress, you and your students can feel confident that when they lock in the shortlist of their top schools, they’re making the right choice.

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2. Unmatched college admission data

You might be wondering, “What exactly are the students comparing in the school profiles?” College search websites vary widely in the information they collect, how they collect it, and how often. At CollegeXpress, we continually gather comprehensive admission data from only the top sources, including information from the colleges themselves! You’ll find facts about application processes and deadlines, tuition and other costs, majors and minors, athletics, and much more. We take pride in providing the most up-to-date info possible for informed decision-making on your students’ top schools!

3. Immediate connections to top schools

CX College Quick Connect feature

Many of the schools on our site are clients of our parent company, Carnegie. That means they’re dedicated to the same end goal as you: connecting students to the right schools. They want to be easily accessible to the students who feel their school could be a good fit for them.

If your students are interested in one of our featured colleges and universities, they will see a green “Yes, connect me!” button at the top of their profile. After they click this button, we’ll send their CollegeXpress profile information to the school, and the school will reach out with more information shortly. This feature is a great way to ensure your students are being seen by these schools and not lost in an inbox among thousands of other students with initial general interest. While not all of your students’ schools of interest have this perk, many well-known schools and hidden gems are available to connect with, which can act as a valuable leg-up in the college admission process. (If a school doesn’t have the green “Yes, connect me!” button on its CollegeXpress profile, you can find contact information to get in touch yourself.)

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4. Over $7 billion in scholarship opportunities

CX scholarship contests

Finding the right scholarships—let alone good scholarships—can be a long and difficult process; a process so arduous, in fact, that some students don’t even bother trying. At CollegeXpress, we want to make sure students find the best opportunities to receive money for school so they don’t give up before they even start.

With millions of scholarships available in one place, our Scholarship Search tool makes it easy to search by criteria your student knows they’ll be eligible for. It saves them the time of reading through long rules and descriptions by weeding out what they know isn’t available to them and condensing the most pertinent information into a quick overview. From there, they can delve deeper into the worthwhile awards and bypass the unnecessary ones.

Scholarships offered by CX

CollegeXpress also offers our own scholarships for students:

  • Every student who creates a free account on CX is automatically entered to win our annual $10,000 scholarship contest, which they can use at any of our featured colleges and universities as a first-year, transfer, or graduate student. No extra application is necessary—all you have to do is complete your CollegeXpress account to enter! 
  • We also offer monthly mini-scholarship contests that are super easy to apply to! All students have to do is create a free CX account and answer the featured question in just one sentence. Once you're registered, you can answer a new question every month for another chance to win.
  • Everyone is eligible for this one (including you, counselors!). Anyone registered on CollegeXpress can win our monthly $250500 Refer-a-Friend contest. Just share your unique link (found here when you’re logged in) with students, parents, and fellow counselors. For every person who completes registration through your link, you’ll gain an entry into that month’s contest. Every month is a new chance to win, and you can win this prize over and over—so keep making referrals to improve your chances!

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5. Top-notch articles and advice

Articles and advice on CX

Our content may be the most unique resource on CollegeXpress. We believe the importance of advice from individuals who understand the college search process (and struggle) cannot be understated! Whether a student needs SAT study resourcesadmission essay tips, advice on making friends when they get to college, or tricks for landing their first job, we have a blog post (or several) for it, all written by trusted experts and real-life students and counselors in the CollegeXpress community. We also have an ongoing Student Writers Program, feature student vloggers on our YouTube channel, and welcome guest posts from counselors anytime—get in touch if you’re interested in contributing!

Let your students know about CX!

If your students aren’t registered on CollegeXpress yet, they’re missing out on a free community of support throughout their college search process. We pride ourselves on providing the best information, resources, and advice we can possibly give to ensure students find the best-fit colleges for them in the easiest way possible. And we hope that as a counselor who's part of our community, you agree!

There's no time like the present! Create a counselor account here if you haven't already, and share this link to help your students create a free CollegeXpress account today.

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High School Class of 2022

CollegeXpress has provided me with tips that were for college students, but as a high school junior, they were still very useful. Not only that, it also gave me an idea of what to expect when it comes to going to college or already being in college. I want to say thank you to CollegeXpress, and I hope you continue the wonderful tips until I hopefully get into college and throughout my college journey.

Maurice Whan

Maurice Whan

$2,000 Spring Scholarship Contest Winner, 2021

This year has been tough for my family and myself, so receiving this scholarship has been a blessing in disguise! CollegeXpress has been an excellent resource in helping me prepare financially for college. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!

Damian Rangel

Damian Rangel

September 2021 Mini Scholarship Winner, High School Class of 2022

CollegeXpress has helped me tackle college expenses, which will allow me to put more of my time and effort into my studies without the need of worrying as much about finances.

Asia Stockdale

Asia Stockdale

High School Class of 2021

CollegeXpress helped me overcome a huge hurdle. Because of the small town I live in, I felt like I would never achieve more. I felt like I could never go beyond because of costs. I feared I wouldn’t be able to find scholarships. I had no idea of where to start. With CollegeXpress, I easily found scholarships—they came to me. It was a helper, and I was instantly matched with opportunities to go above and beyond educationally.

Yuhlani Patterson

Yuhlani Patterson

High School Student

CollegeXpress has helped me find so many scholarships that fit me. They match me to colleges I have specific interest in to make searching for colleges way easier and more efficient. CollegeXpress refers me to schools that have my major of interest and backup schools if I want to change my mind. CollegeXpress also gives out their own scholarships, so you have even more of a chance at gaining multiple scholarships. This website has helped me de-stress from the pressure of not being able to afford college, [of finding] what schools are right for me, and how to find easy access to scholarships that most people never knew existed.

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