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Best Colleges for Women Athletes

Colleges are ranked on the basis of success of the program, facilities, fan support, opportunities for non-varsity athletes, fitness centers, financial aid, sports-related...

Colleges Where a High Percentage of Students Participate in Intercollegiate Sports

Your sport is your life—and likely one of the big considerations when selecting a college. If you want to surround yourself with other athletes, you just might fit in perfectly...

Colleges Where a High Percentage of Students Participate in Intramural Sports

You love sports enough to play them year round, right? Stick with the IM teams to meet other hardcore rugby/bowling/floor hockey hooligans. FYI, this list is from The College...

Colleges With the Highest Total Athletic Budgets

At these schools, you won't find the athletes in ratty old uniforms. No expense is spared for athletics.

Colleges and Universities With Intercollegiate Pickleball Clubs

Pickleball is growing in popularity at colleges and universities across the United States, with many schools competing in national tournaments. If you're looking for a school...

Colleges and Universities With the Best School Mascots in the Country

College mascots embody the vibrant and fiercely loyal spirit of their respective institutions. Learn more about some of the best mascots right here!

Most Devoted Sports Fans

Others might see you as a crazy person in face paint going shirtless on a snowy day, but we see a true sports fan. A true, very cold sports fan.

Small Colleges That Support Their Sports Teams

These colleges may be small, but they got heart! Don't doubt these schools or their commitment to the game—you could be in trouble.

Top 10 College Sports Towns in the United States

No NBA or NFL in these cities. These college sports towns live for their game-day Saturdays.

Top Colleges and Universities With the Nicest On-Campus Gyms and Athletic Facilities

Whether you're a student-athlete ready to tear it up on the court, an intramural and club sports lover who wants to have fun with friends, or someone who loves a solo workout...

Where Super Bowl LI Winners the New England Patriots Went to College

Fun fact for you: the CollegeXpress corporate headquarters is in Massachusetts, aka the heart of Patriots country. And let's just say we were pretty excited when our boys had...