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How to Handle Different Grad School Admission Decisions

The three grad school admission decisions typically offered are acceptance, denial, or placement on a waiting list. Here's what you should do in each situation.

Author, Enrollment Expert

How to Survive College Application Season

This student managed to apply to 13 schools (Early Action) without losing her mind! Here's her best advice on how to survive college application season.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

More Than One Good Fit: Top Tips for Finding the Best Colleges for You

There is no one "right fit" when it comes to college—there could be many. Here's some expert advice on curating a full list of colleges that could fit you and your goals well!

Vice Provost for Enrollment, Dean of Admissions, Vanderbilt University

The True Value of National Rankings in Your College Search

The hotly debated "college rankings" aren't the final say in college success. One passionate higher education professional shares the reasons why with you.

Former Executive Director of Colleges That Change Lives

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