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All of the Tests! How to Prepare for the ACT, SAT, and More

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This standardized test guide covers prepping for the ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP tests, and more. It's basically everything you need to know. So let's get started. read more

What to Do While You Wait for Your AP Test Scores

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Feeling anxious and impatient for your AP test scores to come out? Here are a few productive ways to pass the time while you wait. read more

Are AP Tests Really Worth It?

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Many high school juniors and seniors are enrolled in one, two, three, or even more AP courses, hoping to receive credit for their AP test scores and stand out in their college applications. But are AP tests really worth it? Here are the pros and cons of these college-level courses and exams. read more

10 Study Tips to Help You Conquer AP Tests

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Whether you're tackling your very first test this year or prepping for your very last one, these 10 study tips will help you score high on any AP exam. read more

What You Need to Know About AP Tests, AP Scores, and Your Future College

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With the release of AP test scores earlier this month, you might be wondering how the number on your report will impact your college future. Well, this is how! read more

AP vs. Dual Enrollment Classes: What's the Difference?

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Dual enrollment classes and AP classes are similar--but they're not the same. Here are some of the major differences. read more

Early College Credit Options

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High schools offer a myriad of programs like Advanced Placement, Concurrent Enrollment, and even early college courses in association with local universities and community trade schools. One student explains why students should consider these special academic options. read more

A Prep Class for a Prep Class? What I Got from My AP Prep Course

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Should you take a summer intensive "class" to prepare for the tough AP or honors classes ahead? This student did. Here she explains why and what she learned. read more

Should You Take an AP Course?


Advanced Placement. It's funny how two little words can sound so daunting . . . read more

4 Ways to Improve Your Writing This Summer

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Tempting as it may be, don't let your mind turn to mush this summer! Set aside some time away from the pool or the beach to hone your writing skills. It'll pay off in the long run! read more