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The College Admission Process Part V: The FAFSA

Student, Morehead State University

Four installments of college application advice have come down to this: the (not-so-dreaded) FAFSA! read more

Why Your English Paper Doesn't Make a Strong College Essay

President, Wow Writing Workshop

Year after year, students send us college application essays to review that were written for an English class. Most of the essays earned A's . . . but not a single one was ready to submit with a college application. read more

All the Wrong Reasons to Transfer

Former Assistant Editor, Online Specialist, Carnegie Communications

If you're reading this, you're likely thinking about transferring. Maybe you're at the stage where the idea is just a little inkling; or perhaps you've got the applications printed out, complete, and ready to send. Either way, have you stopped to think about your reasons? read more

Top 10 Application Essay Do's and Don'ts


Our top 10 admission essay/personal statement do's and don'ts! read more

Mastering the Application Essay: Advice for International Students

Director of Admission, Loyola University New Orleans

There is only one part of the college application left to submit: the dreaded essay. read more

Step-by-Step to a Student Visa

International Student Advisor, New York University, Office of International Student Services

Applying for a student visa is a long process. Here's everything you need to know! read more

International College Application Do's and Don'ts

Director of Admission, Loyola New Orleans University

Don't forget to check out these reminders for your college application! read more