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RN to BSN or RN to MSN: Which Is Best for Your Goals?

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So you want to be a nurse. Will a BSN be enough to help you reach your career goals, or will an MSN propel you to the next level? read more

Climbing the Rungs of the Nursing Administration Ladder: An Infographic


It's no secret that an advanced degree in nursing can take your career to new heights. This infographic shows just how high you can climb. read more

Infographic: Job Forecast for Nursing Graduates


Thinking of becoming a nurse? Good news: your future looks bright! read more

Nursing: A Dynamic Profession

Nursing Department Chairperson, Associate Professor, Interim Associate Dean of the School of Health Sciences, Saint Francis University

As a nurse, you will naturally find yourself at your patients' bedsides, caring for and comforting people when they need it most. But what does the work really entail? Get ready to take a peek at the future of this rewarding, dynamic career. read more

Registered Nurse: Educator, Caregiver, Life-changer


So you want to be a registered nurse? Becoming a nurse takes passion, dedication, and hours of study and clinical practice, but if you have the head--and the heart--for the profession, it can lead down many interesting paths. read more

Nursing Degree Breakdown

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When people walk into a hospital, chances are staff nurses will greet them. But the men and women you encounter at the hospital are just the beginning. read more

What kinds of nursing specialties are there?


There are three particular health specialties for which there will be an increasing need in the coming years. read more