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Colleges With Great Business Programs in the Northeast


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Colleges With Great Business Programs in the West


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The Best Majors to Pair With a Business Minor

Group Marketing Manager, Cardinal Group Management

Are you looking for a good minor to pair with your major? Well if you're majoring in one of these five fields, a Business minor may be just what you need. read more

4 Impressive Ways to Boost Your MBA Application


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Finding an Undergraduate School of Business That Works for You

Dean, Mercy College School of Business

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in business, you will find a wide variety of programs available. However, there are a few essential guideposts that will help identify which school of will provide you with the optimal path to success. read more

What are dual degree programs?


Dual degree programs allow students to enter a seamless course of study, taking them from an undergraduate to a graduate degree, such as a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and a Master of Business Administration. read more

A Look at Prestigious Business Schools at Public Universities

Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Just a few of the excellent public business schools within public colleges and universities that easily rival the reputations of private business schools! read more

A Business Program for Liberal Arts Majors


For those on their way to completing a liberal arts degree, careers in business may be tough to find, given the current demand for graduates with business concentrations. But many schools are recognizing the need to educate liberal arts majors for the growing business world. read more