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Becoming an Exemplary Student Leader

Coauthor, The Student Leadership Challenge: Five Practices for Becoming an Exemplary Leader

Do you have what it takes to lead? Maybe all you need is a little Leadership 101 training. And it starts here! read more

Choosing A College That Values Diversity


It's easy for college-bound students to get caught up in the process of choosing a college: reading the guidebooks; visiting campuses; and listening to the opinions of your counselors, your friends, and your parents. read more

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Associate Editor, Carnegie Communications

They provide an environment firmly rooted in history and community for all their students, whether they identify themselves as black or not. read more

Women's Colleges: Opportunity and Advantage

Associate Dean of Admissions, Mills College

Women's colleges conjure a stereotype of uniforms, curfews, and never seeing someone with a Y chromosome for four years. If that's what you're expecting, then you really don't know what women's colleges are like. read more

Glossary of Multicultural Terms


A breakdown of terms that address diversity on campus. read more

Would a Women's College Be the Right Fit for You?

President, Women's College Coalition

Why should you look at a women's college or university? Really, why not? read more

Evaluating Campus Diversity

by and
Northeastern University

When looking at colleges, it's important to assess the multicultural climate through a variety of lenses--from the classroom experience to campus programming and beyond. read more