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Pros and Cons of Retaking the SAT or ACT

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Should you subject yourself to test-taking hell all over again to get a better score? It depends. Here are some pros and cons of retaking the SAT or ACT. read more

What Colleges Are Looking for in Your SAT/ACT Scores

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You put all that time and effort (and stress) into taking the SAT or ACT...but why?! What are admission folks thinking when they see your score? read more

My Standardized Test Prep: Top Tips From Real Students

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High school students share their real-life experiences taking standardized tests, the tools they used, and their top tips for success. read more

The Best ACT Test Prep Sites, Books, and More

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These are simply the best ACT prep resources available: websites, books, and more. Plus other helpful tips for doing well on this college admission test. read more