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5 Ways Social-Emotional Learning Can Help Low-Income Students

Social-Emotional Learning can be a huge help to low-income students in their academic pursuits and put them on the path to academic success. Here's how!

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Top 10 Lessons Learned in the Pandemic Admission Cycle

There's a lot we've learned about college admission from the pandemic. Here's a look at the top 10 lessons to carry with you from this application cycle.

Founder and President, College Bound Mentor

Lessons From Applying to College During a Pandemic

The pandemic altered college admission planning for many students everywhere Here's a look at what one student learned throughout the process back in 2020.

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What We Learned From Student Entrepreneurs in the Time of COVID-19

Students took advantage of free time during the pandemic to launch businesses that benefit communities. Here's how you can too even in tumultuous times!

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Unexpected Pandemic Takeaways for Aspiring Nurses

The COVID-19 pandemic may have sent nursing to the bottom of your dream career list, but before you rule it out, consider all these positives.

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