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7 Quick and Delicious Breakfasts to Help You Avoid the Freshman 15

These breakfasts are easy, health, and tasty! They'll keep your blood sugar in a healthy range so you don't crash, and they will also keep you full, fuel your brain, provide you with necessary vitamins, and ultimately jump-start your day. read more

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Preparing Healthy and Low-Cost Meals in a Dorm

With the newfound freedom of college, it's important that students take the initiative to eat well and within their budgets on their own. Here are two indispensable cooking methods for doing just that. read more

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5 Easy Recipes to Cook Up in Your Dorm Room

Believe it or not, there are easy recipes you can make right in your dorm room--with the help of a refrigerator and a microwave of course! Here are a few that will make you say, "Who needs Ramen noodles?" read more