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How Can I Negotiate With Colleges if I Need More Financial Aid?

If your college financial aid package isn't as much as you need, you can appeal it! Our experts have some advice on negotiating and how to do it right. read more

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Do I Wait for Aid Offers Before Applying for Scholarships?

Some students think they should wait to get financial aid offers before applying for scholarships. Here's why you should start your scholarship search earlier! read more


6 Questions to Learn How Much College Will Really Cost

What can you do to make sure colleges are being transparent about costs? These questions can help you uncover a school's true price and avoid being blindsided. read more

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5 Little-Known Secrets to Getting More Gift Aid for College

Though tuition is increasing each year, there are ways you can obtain funds to afford it. These five tricks could help you get more free money for college! read more

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5 Common Myths About Financial Aid Offers

Financial aid packages are a huge part of the college decision process. Here are five things to remember before signing the dotted line. read more

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How to Compare Your College Financial Aid Award Packages

Colleges vary wildly in what they offer for financial aid packages. Here's how to properly compare the details to ensure you're getting the best deal. read more

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Geographic Diversity as a College Selection Strategy

Location. Location. Location. We often hear this buzzword associated with the real estate market and marketing concepts. However, location is often overlooked as a strategic tool when students consider colleges. read more

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