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Scholarship FAQ: Expert Advice to Start Your Search

Scholarship Strategist and Author

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How to Start Your Scholarship Search

Freelance Writer, Former High School Counselor

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The Merit of Scholarships (and How to Get Them)

CollegeXpress Student Writer, The College of Wooster

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How to Find Scholarships

Student, Greencastle High School

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How to Turn Your Hobbies Into Scholarships

Student, Orting High School

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Financial Aid Month 2015: Scholarships, a.k.a. Free Money!


Scholarships are basically free money for doing what you do best: being you. read more

The Top Four Objections to Scholarships

Founder, Thousand Dollar Hour

People freak out when I tell them they should apply for scholarships. Why would you hate on something so awesome--and more accessible than you realize? read more