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Advice Beyond the Classroom: My First Semester

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Loyola University New Orleans

Student writer Zia just finished her first semester of college and wants to share her newfound wisdom to make your first semester the most successful it can be. read more

How to Prepare for College During the Last Days of Summer

CollegeXpress Student Writer

The end of summer and your first semester of college is coming faster than you think. Follow these tips to make sure you aren't behind before the school year even starts. read more

Upgrade Your Study Habits

Freelance Writer

College isn't high school 2.0. Here's what you need to know about upgrading your study habits. read more

Making the Most of Your Academic Advisor

Student, English Education, Purdue University

Most students go through college only seeing their academic advisor when it is time to schedule classes, and some students go their entire four years without really knowing their advisor! This is not recommended. read more

What to Ask If You're Undecided

Founder and President, Smart College Visit, Inc.

It's important to explore the "undecided major" the same way you would English, engineering, animal science, or any other specific degree program by asking questions while on your college visit. read more