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5 Simple Ways to Overcome Homesickness

Homesickness is common for many college students, but don't get lost in it. Here's some advice for coping with missing home.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Loyola University New Orleans

7 Simple Ways to Ease Your Homesickness in College

It's easy to get homesick in college, especially if you opt to study a little farther from home. But here are some simple ways to ease that feeling.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of Central Florida

All the Wrong Reasons to Transfer

If you're reading this, you're likely thinking about transferring. Maybe you're at the stage where the idea is just a little inkling; or perhaps you've got the applications printed out, complete, and ready to send. Either way, have you stopped to think about your reasons?

Former Assistant Editor, Online Specialist, Carnegie Communications