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College Admission Process, Step-by-Step


When you break the college search down into steps, it's really not that scary. (We swear!) read more

The Best (And Worst!) Parts of the College Search Process

Student, Flathead High School

Here are a few reasons why searching for the right college is the best...plus a few reasons it makes us all groan. read more

How to Find the Christian College for You

Associate Professor, Dean for Student Success, Harding University

So much of college is about asking the right questions. Here's a Christian perspective to finding the answers. read more

How do I find the right US university for me?


With well over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, how is one to make the right choice? There are industry-recognized questions whose answers will help you make informed choices. read more

An Introduction to Standardized Tests

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Wartburg College

Most U.S. colleges and universities require standardized tests for admission, especially for students making the transition from secondary to postsecondary education. You may wonder: why are they so important? At their most basic level, these tests provide uniform information about students' aptitude and knowledge base in a variety of subject areas. read more