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Rejection Hurts: How to React When You Don't Get the Job

President, Shimmering Resumes

Setbacks are an inevitable part of the human condition; the job market is certainly rife with them. But there are good--and bad--ways to deal. read more

One-on-One with Higher Ed Experts: Jonathan Blake Huer, Career Search

Author; Director of Emerging Technologies, Ball State University

In our latest expert one-on-one conversation, Jonathan Blake Huer shares his top tips for setting yourself up for success in your post-grad job search. read more

Internship Do's and Don'ts

Founder, DoInternships.com

Internships are an exciting time in your academic career, and it's within your power to ensure you have an amazing experience. Just follow these do's and don'ts to make sure you fully benefit from all of your hard work. read more