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The Best College Search Websites, Books, and Apps

Freelance Writer, Former High School Counselor

Searching for colleges requires a lot of research, and it can be difficult without the right tools. Here are the top resources that make searching for colleges easier. read more

4 Ways to Listen to Your Instincts During the College Search

CollegXpress Student Writer

It can be easy to overthink the college search process. But sometimes it's as easy as just listening to that feeling in your gut when you first step on campus. read more

Tips for High School Juniors Starting the College Search

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of Missouri

For high school juniors, starting the college search is a big deal. Here are five tips for diving into the process...without going crazy. read more

Your College Search: When and How to Start

Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Stonehill College

Do you feel lost when trying to begin your college search? Well, you are not alone. Start by asking yourself, "What is most important to me as I begin to search for the right school?" Then take a deep breath and dive right in. read more