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Think Smarter: Never Use an Essay Writing Service

Education Writer

Essay writing services can be tempting when college is overwhelming, but the repercussions far outweigh the benefits. Find out why they're simply a bad idea. read more

What Counts as Plagiarism?

CEO, Admissionado

Plagiarizing can hurt you now and way into the future. But do you know what really counts as plagiarism? Hint: it's way more than copying someone else's essay. read more

Plagiarism Paranoia: 3 Myths About Plagiarism All Students Should Know

High School Student

Do you know when to cite sources? Do you know how? What counts as stealing someone else's work? It's time to clarify some things about plagiarism. read more

Understanding Plagiarism and Its Dangers


As a student (and throughout your professional life), it is imperative that you understand what constitutes as plagiarism and refrain from committing it. read more