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5 Ways to Have an Amazing Internship Experience

Student, Desert Mountain High School

Follow these rules to make your busy life as an intern a little less hectic and impress your new colleagues. read more

10 Ways to Show You're Professional...Even if You Don't Feel Like It

Publisher, CareerTapped.com

When we're feeling "blah," it shows. And it can really backfire in a professional situation. Here's 10 ways to shake it off! read more

3 Ways to Maintain Career Momentum After Graduation

Authors, Public Relations Professionals

Graduating from college is a huge step and one of the biggest life transitions you'll ever make. The way to succeed through this transition is to maintain the momentum you've already built in school. Here are a few tips to get you started. read more

Tips from Behind the Scenes of a Phone Interview

Freelance Writer; Blogger

The phone interview. It's the first step, in most cases, in the interview process. In my personal experience, phone interviews have lasted anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour. Here are some questions you should prepare and how to still sound your best when interviewing on the phone. read more