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Finding a Public College That Fits

Former Executive Director of Admission, University of Colorado Boulder

If you've decided to attend a public college, you already know about the benefits they offer. But how do you choose the right one for you? Find out here! read more

In State vs. Out of State: What's Best for You?

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Should you go out of state or stay in state for college? Well, it all depends on what's best for you! Here are a few things to consider for each option. read more

The Advantages of Going to a Public College or University

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Director of Admissions, University of Connecticut

Thinking about heading to a state school? Here are some good reasons why you should. read more

Public Universities: What's in a Name?

Admissions Counselor, Clemson University

Public schools can often be overlooked by students and parents because their names create assumptions that aren't true--by a long shot. But there's more behind the names than you may realize. read more

Keeping the Faith in a New Environment

Freelance Writer

For some Catholic students, a public university may make more sense than a private, Catholic school--but it doesn't have to jeopardize their faith. read more

From Private School to a Public College

Assistant Editor, Online Specialist, Carnegie Communications

What's it like going from a small private high school to a big, intimidating public university? Learn from someone who experienced it! read more

A $10,000 Bachelor's Degree, Can It Be?

Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Several governors have challenged state schools to create bachelor degree programs that would cost only $10,000. Can it be done? read more

Making a Difference With Philanthropy

Associate Vice President of Planning, Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs, California State University, East Bay

Philanthropic opportunities are everywhere, and your college campus probably boasts a bunch! From raising money to volunteering your time, you can find lots of ways to make a difference. read more

Why Public?

Vice President for Enrollment Managemen, The University of Texas at Dallas.

Do you want the ultimate college experience at an affordable cost? A wide variety of classes, organizations, and clubs to choose from? A huge stadium with hundreds of other fans? If this sounds ideal, then a public college or university might be the perfect fit for you! read more

Make a Big School Seem Small

Assistant Editor, Online Specialist, Carnegie Communications

Worried about being just another freshman face in the crowd? Well, don't be! There are plenty of ways to find your niche at even the biggest flagship state universities. read more