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Checklists and Soul Searches: Finding the Right School for You

Vice Provost for Enrollment, Dean of Admissions, Vanderbilt University

Get out of the mindset that you are searching for the "one right college" and instead realize that you are building a list of colleges that make sense, given your own particular background and dreams for the future. read more

Comparing Public Colleges: Big vs. Small Schools


You probably know the saying "big fish in a small pond." What about small fish in a big pond? Or medium-sized ponds? Old adages aside, school size and student population can greatly influence your university experience. read more

Benefits of a Diverse Campus

Broadcast Journalism Major, Boston University

Choosing your future school is obviously a personal choice, so it's important do what will make you most comfortable and enjoy the experience! But for those students unsure of whether or not to attend a school with a lot of variety or the same mix of people, here's some reasons why I find it important to focus on college diversity when applying or deciding on colleges. read more