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Top Questions to Ask College Admission Representatives

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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2020

In the college search and application process, meeting so many people with so many different jobs at their schools can feel pretty overwhelming. However, given the right knowledge about who these people are and what they do, you can use them to your advantage in this crazy admission game we all play. 

College admission representatives are the regional representatives who go out and visit schools in their respective areas of the country. You’ll probably meet them at your school’s college fair or at any events their college holds in your region. They read admission applications, but only the ones from their designated region of the country. Below you’ll find some handy questions to ask your college admission reps when you run into them during the application process.

But first: send them an e-mail!

First and foremost, once you know which schools you’ll apply to, find out who your admission representative is and shoot them an e-mail. Be formal, introduce yourself, and say that you are applying to their respective university. Maybe name a few things you’re interested in studying or getting involved in at the college so they can send you more specific messages or put you on a mailling list for those interests.

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Questions to ask

What kind of students are usually admitted from your region or high school?

College admission representatives know exactly what kind of student from your town comes to their institution the following fall because often they were a part of the decision. So if everyone from your club soccer team has gotten in for the past five years, these are the people who would know. They can also offer you a profile of the average admitted student so you can see how your GPA, test scores, and other criteria line up.

What classes you should take junior and senior year?

Some colleges simply require four years of math or a foreign language. College admission representatives are the people best equipped to tell you what classes you need to take in order to get that big, fat admission envelope in the mail at the end of the year.

Do students from my region have a difficult time adjusting?

This question is especially relevant for out-of-state schools. If you have an admission representative for Indiana representing a school in New York, they’ve probably become pretty familiar with how their applicants and eventual students end up doing at their institution. If you ask this question, you’ll at least know some key items to pack for college in that state.

What are the top 10 states represented at your institution?

College admission representatives will most likely know this, especially if the region they represent has made its way to those top 10. This information will help you get a better picture of who you will eventually be going to school with should you choose to attend their institution.

What made you want to work for this college?

This question not only serves as a fun icebreaker for you, but it can help you get a few more inside appealing facts about their school. This is a good question to ask when you see them in person visiting your school for an info session.

What distinguishes this college from others?

If you are seeking something special in a school, asking this question to someone who works there can help you dig deeper. This is another good question to ask in person during a longer conversation.

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