How to Balance Academics and Athletics


Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Learn to manage your time in college so you will be organized in the corporate world.

It’s 3:00 PM and considering I only got four hours of sleep the night before, I was beginning to get annoyed with my tennis practice schedule. As I walked towards the tennis courts, the numerous assignments and papers that were due continuously flashed through my mind. Obviously, a part of me wanted to roll into bed and just catch up on sleep so that I could work well later on that night. My parents had warned me about juggling a sport along with other activities and still trying to keep my grades up.

Aside from this warning, there are awesome aspects to being a part of sport in college. Depending on the person, it may actually help your studies and focus in your work. Personally, playing tennis kept me in shape so that I had more energy to study. It’s important to manage your time and energy efficiently, which will be a major asset for the future. Amidst the practices and game schedules, you need to learn how to get work done on bus rides, in short time periods between class and practice or practice and dinner. It’s easy to look at the clock and say: “Well, I only have half an hour ’til practice, that’s not enough time for anything.” That’s the lazy you talking. Any reasonable amount of time is precious and can be used for work or a power-nap (don’t underestimate the power of power-naps: 20–30 minutes). It may even be easier to focus in short spans of time rather than sitting down in the library for long, strenuous hours. I find that playing tennis is also a stress reliever; once I start hitting the ball, I forget about the unfinished work and dirty laundry sitting in my room and can focus on something fun and exciting.

Don’t be intimidated by the stricter time commitment of sports—it’s just like any other activity that you take on in college and dedicate your time to. Most coaches understand enough when it comes to academic conflicts as well. Plus, you are working with a team of other talented individuals who are committing the same time and also managing their schoolwork. Team bonding is probably one of the most awesome parts of playing a sport. Although joining a sports team may not be for everyone, college is a great time to explore old hobbies and new things, such as sports. Balancing athletics and academics will help to maintain mental, physical and emotional health; so, if you can make a team and enjoy the time you spend on the court, then why not give it a go?

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