The Best Free SAT Preparation Resources Online

There are a lot of resources for SAT preparation. Which ones are the best?

Students preparing for the SAT are blessed and cursed with an abundance of free tools scattered across the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t that great. Sorting out quality from crud can suck up time that would be better used for studying.

To speed you up, I’ve assembled a few high-quality, free (or cheap) resources you should check out:

The College Board full-length practice test

There is simply no resource, no test, no company, and no person who can claim to provide a more accurate practice test than the people who actually write the SAT. You can take one free test at the College Board website.

A quick secret: the free online test is the same as the first test in the Blue Book.

Prepmatic’s SAT vocabulary flashcards

Other than a lifetime of reading, there’s no way around the fact that you’re probably going to have to study some vocabulary in order to boost your SAT score. It’s one of the most painful parts of studying for the SAT.

There are lots of vocabulary lists online, but most of them are simply lists of words. That may be helpful to the most diligent students, but for most studiers, PrepMatic is an easier tool. It’s the only tool I know of that forces you to recall the definition of the word, which is key to building mastery.

A quick not-so-secret secret: Quizlet is a great tool that allows you to create your own vocabulary flashcards or to use sets created by others. Their SAT section isn’t very well organized, but it’s extensive. If you’ve got the patience, you can just make your own flashcards.

SAT Habit

For the busy high school student (and what high school student isn’t busy?), SAT Habit is a great way to maximize your study time. It creates a personalized study plan that focuses on your weak areas and serves questions right at the edge of your ability level. That approach leads to faster increases in SAT Scores.

Of course, I’m biased since I designed SAT Habit based on my years as an SAT Tutor, but over 10,000 students have used the technology it’s based on and seen their scores increase.

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About Tom Rose

Tom Rose

Tom Rose is career educator and technologist. He has been a professional test preparation tutor since 2007 and is the Co-founder of Testive, the company that makes SAT Habit. At Testive, Tom developed the company core algorithms and leads the product development team.

Tom is a National Science Foundation Teaching Fellow and led the Duke Smart Homes Program where students designed, built, and lived in an environmentally friendly dorm. He received the highest-ever teaching rating in the history of the engineering school.

Tom received a Bachelor in Engineering from the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University and an M.B.A. from MIT


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