Ann Herbener

Ann Herbener

Ann Herbener is a college counselor at Papillion-La Vista High School in Omaha, Nebraska.


What is your process for helping students find financial aid?

I offer basic financial aid advice and point the family in the direction of colleges who are notoriously generous with merit aid. In addition, I give the family a report that shows which scholarships the student might be eligible for at the colleges to which he or she is more

What steps can college counselors take to help their students pick a major and a tentative career path?

Our career counselor works with them every year with interest, values, and aptitudes inventories. Students then take those results and create a personal learning more

How do you help students for whom college seems too expensive?

Education! It is important to educate students and parents that they can't afford not to go to more

What is your advice to high school counselors juggling a large number of students?

I am a college counselor at a school of 1,500 students--the only college counselor. We divide our duties into domains where college counseling is my only more

What are some of the challenges you face as a high school guidance counselor, and how do overcome them?

Time is my biggest challenge! How do I serve all my students and parents and juggle all my responsibilities?read more

How can college counselors help students and parents with different admission goals (schools, locations, price, etc.)?

One of the first things I tell my families is that the college admission process is about finding a good fit and match rather than trophy more

What role can a college counselor play in preparing seniors for the transition to college life?

By the time the student is ready to leave for college, the student and counselor have developed a trusting relationship. Therefore, the student might be more likely to ask the counselor the questions about which she or he is having anxiety than might otherwise be the more

Should counselors develop relationships with admission officials; if so, how might that benefit students?

When working in an independent school, many counselors build personal relationships with admission staffers . . .read more

What are some common misconceptions students have about the college admission process?

That they cannot control the outcome. They need to put their best foot forward but also realize that being rejected does not mean they failed. read more

What is your approach to helping students with application essays?

I have a series of questions I ask the student to answer, and from those responses, we narrow down potential topics for their essays--topics that individualize the student and allow him or her to have a clear more