Nancy A. Shenker

Nancy A. Shenker

Nancy A. Shenker is the CEO/Founder of theONswitch marketing and co-author with Lindsay E. Brown of Don't Hook Up With the Dude in the Next Cube: 200+ Career Secrets for 20-Somethings (available on and via A former corporate executive (Citibank, MasterCard, Reed Exhibitions), she speaks and writes on topics related to social media, career development, and brand marketing.


How should I start the internship search, and who can I turn to for help?

First, make sure your résumé is in tip-top shape. If you have limited work experience, focus on other personal attributes (reliability, computer skills, leadership in athletics, etc.) that demonstrate how you are different from and better than other more

Hate Your Summer Job? Don't Get Hot Around the Collar!

As tempted as you may be to bail on that crummy summer job, take a deep breath and think through your decision. Like poison ivy, rash decisions can leave scars and even have an impact on your future employment more