Shaan Patel

Shaan Patel

Shaan Patel, who scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT, is the author of “SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps” and a co-creator of Veritas Prep SAT 2400, the only global SAT prep course.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Shaan grew up in a small, humble motel his parents managed. After taking a no-nonsense approach to SAT preparation and learning many effective strategies of the SAT elite, Shaan was able to improve his score from 1760 to a perfect 2400. As a result of his preparation, Shaan was offered admission into prestigious universities, earned over $230,000 in scholarship monies, and received other national awards and accoloades.

Shaan’s SAT advice has been featured on,, The New York Times' "The Choice" blog, and other prominent media outlets.

In addition to offering SAT prep tips to high school students, Shaan is a medical student at the University of Southern California.


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