Stuart Nachbar

Stuart Nachbar

Stuart Nachbar is President of, a family-focused site that profiles the best values in higher education. He can be reached at


What if You and Your Parents Disagree About Colleges?

College is, in theory, that magical point where parents start to let go. Of course, some parents will just hold on a little more

Advice for Parents of Children Who Don't Want to Go to College

I'm a second-generation college graduate and the first in my family to go to graduate school. However, I've never believed that college is for everybody. If your high school student does not want to go to college, your first reaction should not be to turn pale or cry. It should be to ask why. read more

What is your approach for helping students who don't have the qualifications for their top-choice schools?

We never treat students like they are fixed points in time and space--we help them think of ideas that take their ideas to the next level so that they can maximize their options for more

What role can a college counselor play in preparing seniors for the transition to college life?

By the time the student is ready to leave for college, the student and counselor have developed a trusting relationship. Therefore, the student might be more likely to ask the counselor the questions about which she or he is having anxiety than might otherwise be the more

How can college counselors help students and parents with different admission goals (schools, locations, price, etc.)?

One of the first things I tell my families is that the college admission process is about finding a good fit and match rather than trophy more

What are some common misconceptions students have about the college admission process?

That they cannot control the outcome. They need to put their best foot forward but also realize that being rejected does not mean they failed. read more

What is your approach to helping students with application essays?

I have a series of questions I ask the student to answer, and from those responses, we narrow down potential topics for their essays--topics that individualize the student and allow him or her to have a clear more

How has the recent economic climate affected the college admission process?

We (counselors) have seen more concern and confusion. Parents are taking a greater role in the college admission process and they are more anxious about admittance and more