Kettering University

Flint, MI

Kettering University

Flint, MI

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Undergrad Science & Engineering

Learn in-demand skills for a changing world

Prepare for a future you’ve always imagined
The world around you is changing rapidly—and you must be ready to change with it. Kettering University helps make sure you are. Whether you see yourself building computer systems for self-driving vehicles, designing life-saving medical devices, or preparing for a career in automotive or technology law, Kettering has the future-forward degree programs, faculty, and facilities to make your vision a reality. 

Don’t just prepare for a changing world. Prepare to change the world.

Explore a range of disciplines
You'll have no trouble getting a well-rounded education at Kettering. You’ll learn about topics from different angles, use knowledge and methods from a variety of subjects, and develop essential skills every engineer and business leader needs. Draw on concepts and skills from engineering, the biological sciences, computer science, mathematics, business, liberal arts, and more.

Our programs help you become a versatile problem solver and prepare you for real-world challenges—that’s because the careers of today, emerging careers, and the careers of the future require expertise from across disciplines and people who can think from all sides to solve a problem.

Learn like a student, earn like a professional
At Kettering, you won’t just be learning in class. You’ll learn concepts and methods that will build your knowledge in the classroom, but then you’ll apply it in a workplace as part of our co-op program. And you’ll get paid too! Our co-op programs offer $40,000–$75,000 over four years, offsetting the cost of attendance.

You’ll rotate between 11-week classes and work experiences at one of our nearly 500 cooperative employment partners. By the time you graduate, you’ll have up to two and a half years of hands-on work experience for your résumé, potentially including supervision skills. That gives you a leg up on your peers following graduation. Our co-op program ensures you'll be ready and applying for positions well beyond entry level. All of this pays off professionally with co-op producing successful leaders and entrepreneurs in multiple leading industries. The country’s top companies and best graduate schools will seek out graduates like you.

Dig deeper in a lab or research facility
As soon as you start at Kettering, you can use our many labs and research facilities. Under the guidance of PhD-level faculty members and industry leaders, you can test theories, fine-tune inventions, and enhance your skills. Our labs are like nothing else in the country, especially the $7.5 million, 21-acre University GM Mobility Research Center. The only one of its kind on a college campus in the country, it’s a testing track, an outdoor lab space, and a proving ground for research and development of autonomous vehicles, vehicle safety standards, and hybrid and electric vehicle technologies. Our Crash Safety Center is also unlike any other, accessible as part of an undergraduate program. Life science labs support the Pre-med course of study to give students all the prerequisites for medical school. If it’s cutting edge, we have it.

You’ve never seen a facility like this
Hanging out on campus or finding a great study space got a whole lot better when our $63 million Learning Commons opened to the Kettering community. It’s now the first place students and faculty go to study, eat, learn, and relax. The building has no offices or classrooms—and that’s not a mistake. Its radical design creates a more open, collaborative space where people interact and work together. It’s also packed with incredible features: a digital library; a 200-seat auditorium described as a mini IMAX theater; media resource centers; outdoor patios with seating; multiple collaboration spaces; an art gallery; and all-important dining facilities. Best of all, an open-air atrium with a skylight and abundant windows let the light flow in and provide gorgeous, calming views of campus.


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Named one of The Best 388 Colleges in the country | The Princeton Review, 2023

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Named one of the "Best Midwestern Colleges" | The Princeton Review, 2023

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Recognized for being the #1 college in Michigan for graduates with high starting salaries | SmartAsset, 2022

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Ranked #3 among "Best Value Colleges in Michigan" | Niche, 2023

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Ranked #3 among the "Most Innovative Schools" in the Midwest | U.S. News & World Report, 2022

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Ranked #12 among the "Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs" | U.S. News & World Report, 2022

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What students are saying about us...

  • "Pursuing a degree at Kettering is no easy task, but being involved on campus is very rewarding—mentally, socially, professionally, and financially. I have made meaningful relationships with my peers, secured job interviews, impacted my community, earned scholarships, and learned valuable lessons that are not taught in a classroom setting. It requires deliberate time management, but it is worth it.”

    • Tanisha F. '24
      Computer Engineering