Multnomah University

Portland, OR

Multnomah University

Portland, OR

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Discover what you’re made for

Discover what you’re made for
Multnomah University is a diverse learning community that equips students to love God and their neighbors throughout their lives and careers. At Multnomah, you’ll be more than a student, more than a scholar, more than an athlete. We believe that you’re made for more. 

More than a degree
Whether you’re called to the business world, history, counseling, or something else, Multnomah University is committed to educational excellence and career mindfulness. We believe that the world needs compassionate servant leaders in every career, workplace, and marketplace that’s hiring. Our faculty and staff are passionate teachers and compassionate leaders who will cultivate your faith and maximize your impact. Through our majors, graduate school, and online programs, we offer more opportunities than ever before to unleash your passion for a purposeful career. 

More than a campus
On our beautiful campus in Portland, Oregon, students find adventure and community unlike any other. Come explore our city and discover endless opportunities, good coffee, outdoor adventures, a unique culture, and a diverse community. Portland boasts more than 500 food carts, 43 independent coffee roasters, and more than 210 parks. Enjoy a day trip to the scenic Oregon Coast, explore the Columbia River Gorge, or head out to Mount Hood where adventures can be found year-round. 

More than a community
We push each other to wrestle with deep questions and listen to different perspectives. We enjoy good food, epic skills on the court, and late-night talks that forge lifelong friendships. This community will support and inspire you at each step of your journey. Because we work and strive together, we rise together. When you join the Multnomah family, you join a community of driven learners and passionate explorers. Come find your place at Multnomah.

“Multnomah is special because of the people. It's just the community aspect; the professors, students, staff, and student life—all those things create a culture of unity and harmony.” — Hannah Dewing ’19

“Living at Multnomah helped me focus on my studies and build community. My closest friends today are people I met while living on campus.” — Sam Anglin ’16

“I think the community we have at Multnomah is really special. I think that’s what draws a lot of students and keeps them here.” — Ria Walter ’20

“I’m prepared for my future in the medical field and able to see the beautiful way that science and faith work together. Multnomah's Biology program will prepare you, both academically and spiritually, to enter the world and make change.” — Janell Rief ’20

Our Biology program is designed for students seeking a broad foundation in biological science that integrates faith and the sciences. You’ll be prepared to excel in the workforce or enroll in professional schools for chiropractic, dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine.

Business Administration
As a Business Administration major at MU, you'll be equipped to lead in the marketplace, discover solutions with data analysis, and explore how faith changes your work into a calling.

As a Psychology major, you’ll be empowered to provide holistic support with psychological understanding and Christ-like empathy to people in need.

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