Eastern Washington University

Cheney, WA

Eastern Washington University

Cheney, WA

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Welcome to Eastern Washington University. You’re going to love it here.

You’re the type of student who works hard. You don’t take things for granted. You got where you are by giving it your all, and you surround yourself with people who are the first to do something amazing. 

The personality of EWU
EWU sits squarely in Washington’s sweet spot. The state’s second-largest city is just 20 minutes away, which means jobs and internships (and plenty of Broadway shows and big-name music concerts) are waiting for Eagles.

And when you look at EWU’s students, you see they come from all around the country and all around the world. Nearly half (49%) are the first in their family to go to college, and more than one-third (34%) are ethnically diverse.

Over 130 years of history
EWU is the second-oldest public university in Washington. The University started as a college that trained teachers, but now it’s the economic and academic engine of the Inland Northwest. In fact, more than 100,000 Eagles have started their careers here.

EWU is famous for its red football field and its success on the gridiron, but professors and students are proud of the University because it sends so many students to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Professors and students also love that the University focuses on getting undergraduate students out of the classroom and into real-world research settings.

EWU offers 150+ areas of study, some of which you can’t find anywhere else in Washington or the Pacific Northwest.

The fastest-growing programs are in science fields, but EWU’s Film, Theatre, and Graphic Design programs have attracted plenty of media attention and awards too.

The newest academic achievement is a major expansion of advising services on campus, which means it’s even easier for you to get advice that helps you graduate in four years.

Whether you’re upgrading your phone at the Apple Store downtown or updating your Instagram feed at the summit of Mount Spokane, you’ll find an Inland Northwest hideaway to call your own.

The main campus sits in downtown Cheney, a small community whose heart beats Eagle red.

Just down the road is Spokane, whose motto is “Creative by nature.” And it’s true. 

The city attracts Westsiders (people from Seattle and Portland) because there’s cleaner air, a lot less traffic, and plenty of opportunity to explore the mountains, forests, and lakes that define the region. As an added bonus, the lakeside resort town of Coeur d’Alene is just an hour away.

Applying to EWU
Students should apply by February 1 for priority consideration. Financial aid and scholarship applications are due the same day.


It’s California with four seasons. It’s Seattle with less rain. It’s the Midwest if the Midwest had more mountains and fewer mosquitoes. It’s the most beautiful part of the country, and it’s in a quiet college town right beside the state’s second-largest city.

Go from class to kayaking to a concert in a single day and never travel more than 50 miles. Welcome home. Welcome to the best of all worlds. 

Drive time 
Spokane: 20 minutes (free bus!)
Coeur d’Alene: 60 minutes
Seattle: 4 hours
Portland: 5.5 hours 

Major bike trail: 5 minutes
Lake: 5 minutes
Wildlife refuge: 10 minutes
Golf course: 10 minutes
Concert arena: 25 minutes
Whitewater kayaking: 25 minutes
Skiing and snowboarding: 45 minutes 

Student population: 12,635 

Undergraduate areas of study: 150
Graduate programs: 50
Student-faculty ratio: 22:1
Average class size: 25 

Division I sports: 14
Intramural and club sports: 90 

Signature programs
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Science
Forensic Science
Mechanical Engineering
Outdoor Recreation
Jobs and Finances

• 61% of students have professional experience before graduation.

93% of students have jobs or are in graduate school within six months of graduation.

Tuition and fees:
In state: $7,461 
WUE: $10,722
Out of state: $24,957 

Students with debt:
National average: 65%
EWU: 52% 

Financial aid applicants with demonstrated need who received financial aid: 88%

Average financial aid package for freshmen: $13,107

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