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Greenville, PA

Thiel College

Greenville, PA

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Christian Life

Christian Life Profile

When you think about your future, which is more important: Passion? Purpose? Prosperity? And where does faith fit in?

Thiel College—founded in 1866 as a coeducational institution with its roots in the Lutheran church—has created an environment that allows you to find balance in that equation. Founding donors Louis and Barbara Thiel believed that the Christian faith impels social responsibility and sets the guiding principles for an institution that has been a leading college in western Pennsylvania for more than 153 years. Another example of finding that balance is the Campus Pastor Brian Riddle ’07. He is a 2007 graduate of Thiel College and can help students navigate the journey to professional and personal fulfillment.

Throughout its history, Thiel has striven to be progressive while honoring the traditions that make it special. That combination is reflected in the College’s second graduating class, which included four women. Thiel gives you the tools to explore your faith while combining your passions and purpose.

• Enjoy a robust student life featuring a variety of faith-based groups, including TC Soldiers for God, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Lutheran Student Movement, and Thiel Christian Fellowship, plus 75 other clubs, organizations, and NCAA varsity sports.

• In the past two years, the College has hosted religious leaders from different faiths as a part of its interfaith understanding series.

• Thiel hosts a weekly chapel series that features student leaders as well as students, faculty, staff, and outside speakers discussing faith.

• Student outcomes include alumni at prestigious postgraduate institutions, including Harvard Divinity School, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Chicago.

• Modern facilities include the new track & field complex and the state-of-the-art Haer Family Science and Art Connector with modern lab equipment and collaborative space.

• Generous scholarship and aid packages help 99% of Thiel’s students graduate with less debt than many of their peers.

These are just some of the opportunities to grow in your faith and become a leader in your career, church, and community.

In the classroom
With one new graduate program open and more graduate programs on the horizon, it’s an exciting time for students at Thiel College. A Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology is the first five-year graduate program in the College’s history. Students will begin taking classes in May 2020, and undergraduates can apply for one of the guaranteed seats in the 15-month accelerated program. More graduate degree programs are in the planning stages.

Also new are degrees in Data Analytics and Public Policy. The College’s recently launched Environmental Safety Management degree is one of just two in the state with advanced credentialing privileges through two important professional organizations. Those recognitions increase the marketability of the program’s graduates and save them money and time. The Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York tri-state corridor has been cited by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as a top spot for career opportunities in both safety management and data analytics.

Other recent additions like Equestrian Studies, Exercise Science, Health Systems, and Sports Management join the College’s other 60+ majors and minors. Thiel’s Department of Education and Department of Business Administration and Accounting have been recognized nationally for their job and graduate placement rates, student-based focus, and dedicated faculty. 

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