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Washington, DC

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We educate the next generation of artists and leaders who are ready to make an impact.

Arts and Design at GWU
The Corcoran School challenges students to investigate how art functions as a form of creative and intellectual inquiry. Our undergraduate students consistently push the boundaries of creativity through their work by expanding the characteristics that define their artistry. As a student at the Corcoran, not only do we encourage you to think unconventionally, but we help you get there, giving you the tools and critical thinking skills for a lifetime of innovative creative practice.

Our faculty are practicing artists and scholars who believe that a core part of their work is teaching thinkers, makers and artists through individual attention and critique. Situated in the heart of Washington, D.C., which boasts world-class museums, venues and a thriving arts community, you can use our location to draw inspiration and explore careers connected to the arts, policy and beyond. As part of a major research university, you have the chance to collaborate across disciplines in areas you never considered. In addition, you benefit from access to some of the most prestigious startups, galleries and design firms in the world, with opportunities to show your work in spaces across campus and beyond.

The Corcoran School, located near
the Renwick Gallery and the White House, is part of GW’s Foggy Bottom campus. Blocks from major landmarks, students study on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, jog to the Washington Monument, or stroll to the White House and Kennedy Center. GW also maintains a Mount Vernon campus, just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown. This second campus, accessible by a free shuttle service, provides a more traditional residential liberal arts experience. Our Women’s Leadership Program and GW Athletic Fields are located on this campus. Through these two different learning environments, students have the ability to create a college experience that is uniquely their own.

Investing in your education
Earning a GW degree is invaluable,
but it takes an investment—of time, effort, and money. We believe that investment is within reach for every admitted student, and we leverage our resources to make it worthwhile. GW guarantees students fixed tuition for up to five years of study, meaning the tuition you pay your first semester will be the tuition you pay for your final semester. No surprises here. GW also invests more than $185 million in financial aid, which is awarded to 70% of the incoming freshman class.

We believe your investment in GW will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Are you ready?

Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

• Founded in 1878
• 22 degrees offered (undergraduate and graduate)
• Over 500 graduate and undergraduate students

Undergraduate degrees:
• Art History (BA)*
• Dance (BA)*
• Fine Arts and Art History (dual BA)*
• Fine Arts (BA, BFA)* 
   - Photojournalism
• Graphic Design (BFA)*
• Interaction Design (BFA)
• Interior Architecture (BFA)
• Music (BA)*
• Photography (minor)
• Photojournalism (BFA)
• Theatre (BA)*

Also offered as a minor

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “My GW experience has been marked by meeting dignitaries, having a conversation in two languages at once, and walking to the Lincoln Memorial with my best friends.”

    • Ruby Gordon ’23
      International Affairs
  • “We engage with our community through GW’s many lenses: service, research, internship, socially, professionally, and more. The faculty at GW engage with their community and encourage their students to join them, which gives us opportunities like no other.”

    • Dara Molotsky ’21
      Judaic Studies and History
  • “At GW, I established a community that both cares about my well-being and has given me the support I need to be successful.”

    • Malcolm Badger ’20
      International Politics and Business Administration
  • “My dream is to author and illustrate books. GW not only prepared me for that dream but matured me as an artist and a person. My instructors were real-world artists who knew what the art scene was really like out there. My work was featured in exhibitions, and I was introduced to contemporary artists like Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald who created the National Portrait Gallery paintings of, respectively, Barack and Michelle Obama. So now I’m picturing that dream and I’m thinking about all the things I can do and all the new experiences I can have. There’s nothing but good things coming for me.”

    • Kyle Marcus Bryant
      Fine Arts