At the University of Delaware, our students and faculty don’t just spend their time in the classroom—they get into the lab, the library, and the community to make their ideas reality: engineering bridges, advancing cancer research, uncovering history—making history. We challenge students at UD to work toward the advancement of knowledge, making innovations that will ensure a better future. 

UD will give you the support to unleash your creativity and make your mark on the world. The connections you’ll make with ideas, professors, and alumni will be cultivated and transformed into assets for the future. No matter which of our 150+ majors you choose, our broad academic selections and our priority for hands-on research will stimulate your passion for learning and your connection to the larger world.

Our Honors Program allows talented and ambitious students to take full advantage of the resources offered by
a large research institution while giving you one-on-one attention from our world-class faculty. The UD Honors Program combines small class sizes with rigorous course work to prepare you to become a scholar capable of tackling the toughest challenges of our day. Honors students also enjoy additional funding opportunities for field research and travel and are provided the chance to live in an exclusive Honors community. The Honors residence hall allows you to live with other students dedicated to academics and senior peer mentors who are there to provide advice and guidance on internship and research opportunities on campus and beyond.

According to The Princeton Review,
UD is considered one of the nation’sbest for “getting their graduates out the door to satisfying and rewarding careers.” In fact, 93% of our students are either employed or pursuing additional education within six months of graduation, and in some majorsthat number is much higher. (See for more details.) Our success rate is high because UD is dedicated not only to ensuring our graduates have a top-quality education but that they have what they need to be successful beyond our campus, which includes real-world experience, giving them an edge over their competition.

One way we do that is through our
Scholars and Fellows programs, designed to help students think beyond their major and push the boundariesof their intellectual curiosity. Theseprograms will keep you intellectually active while you develop specializedskills and career connections. Pick from one (or more) of our specially designed programs to strengthenyour résumé and increase your prospects. You can:
• Immerse yourself in global experi
ences beginning with your first semester abroad
• Receive funding to launch a start-up
• Engage in community initiatives
Tackle the most pressing concerns of our day, like cybersecurity
Explore and advocate for new approaches to disability

The University of Delaware is far
more than a school, far more than a university; it’s an institution that not only challenges you to makethe big ideas your own but pushes you to use those ideas to shape a world whose future is brighter because you have engaged in the fightto make it so.